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Doing is better than saying


Munro2.0 Black

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Starts Anew from the Classic

The flow of speed and time creates the most passionate and elegant streamline, breathing life into the classic.
breathing life into the classic.

Medieval Gothic Front Fork

Creates an unique and vintage style with center suspension,
conveys tribute to classic and the spirit of holding true to oneself.

Detail can be seen in every screw

Munro firmly believe that standard brings continuous progress, rigorous standards makes miracles.
From frame to every screw, Munro 2.0 creates new possibility of riding on basis of exquisite craft.

Combination of Beauty and Utility

Inherit the classic V-shape double cylinder engine
style and transform into battery compartment,
capable of containing two batteries.

Attitude Beyond Words

Passionate and elegant. Black and white primary colors that indicate unique character.
Apply top spray painting and exquisite polish processing,
brings out the primary color as well as the smooth metal touch.

Indulge in the Riding Experience

Get ready to hit the road, let a world of unlimited promises unfold with freedom and marvel hereafter.

Lighter Stronger and Further

Customized Aluminum Frame Strong and light,
the weight of the vehicle is merely 42kg, while improving strength,
tenacity and lowering weight, control of the vehicle is more easy which leads to better riding experience.

Rider of the Night Lights Up More than the Starry Sky

Intelligent LED headlight applies OSRAM lamp light with better penetration,
approved by multiple international certifications such as ECE R113/CLASS B/DOTE-mark.
Daytime LED running lights form a spotty circle surrounding the headlight, casting soft and bright light to ensure safety while riding.

High Beam
Low-High Beam

Butterfly Shape LED High Tail Light

Transcendent and eye-catching at night

Detail Makes Simplicity

Integrated LED dashboard displays core riding information,
such as lighting, speed, power.LED dashboard applies Everlight highlighted white LED,
display applies 50% gray scale to ensure clear and comfortable observation.

The Beauty of Hiding

Battery compartment can contain two batteries into the vehicle body with battery cover.

The standard is randomly presented with a battery. Video is only displayed.

Elegant as Royalty, Passionate like Super Stars

The independent design of battery unit appears smooth and elegant with a silky and delicate touch.
Inside of the battery compartment we have imported customized high capacity cell and brand new pack solution, capable of impact resistance,
corrosion resistance, antioxidant, hight temperature resistance and flame retardant.

The unprecedented light
and exquisite battery,
easy to install and dismantle.

Smart Transformation into Battery Compartment

Open at one click,
experience unprecedented convenience at the tip of your fingers.

More than Meet the Eye

Large size all terrain tyre not only brings impact to the audience,
also provides user with better mobility, comfort and steadiness.

Nothing stops a wild heart

High Performance Motor
Developed by Munro

High torque output, suitable for complex environments like climbing and soft surface.
Core mechanical material applies high quality customized material,
with high efficient transformation, lower power consumption
and longer distance per charge.

Fast, but Enduring

SMT32 Chip+FOC control calculation improves motor efficiency by maximum 15%,
lower phase change impact compared to square wave control calculation, which helps increase service life.


Comfortable And Comfortable

Harness Inspiration

The combination of Gothic front suspension and center suspension helps to absorb
the impact from tricky roads while riding, ensuring free and smooth riding experience.

Safety Performance above
Standard All the Way Through

The Munro creation of MD2 disk brake system enhances braking
sensitivity and steadiness. Symmetric hydraulic double-piston calipers,
combining with 160mm wave-shaped brake disk, maximally reduces
braking distance, which is three times better than international standard.

Smart at Hand

Bind smart terminal with the vehicle, enables surveillance
on real-time position and info of the vehicle. Conduct
precise positioning and record wheel path of the vehicle,
realizing start-up without keys, prevent thievery with
one button at a distance.

Easy control, Less Concern

Munro optimizes 38mm handlebar and 60 degree turning angle based on
riding habit of majority riders, making the experience enjoyable.
Acceleration controller has been adjusted by experts, making acceleration
more smooth and swift. Integrated multifunction control panel,
outstanding button resistance provide easy control as well as free and
safe riding experience.

Technial Parameters

Munro 2.0 Specifications

  • Frame

  • Frame Design
    Frame Design
    Frame Design
    Braking Distance (Wet Surface)
    Front Suspension
    Rear Suspension
    Front For
    Posterior Fork
    Front Brake Mode
    Rear Brake Mode
    Cushion Height
    Maximum Steering Angle
  • Aluminum Alloy
    Low Speed:20km/h,High Speed≤50km/h
    Adjustable Center Spring Bumpe
    Adjustable Spring Bumpe
    Aluminum Alloy
    Aluminum Alloy
    Standard Double Piston Disc Brake
    Standard Double Piston Disc Brake
  • Battery System

  • Battery Type
    Standard Charging Current
    Maximum Discharge Current
    Standard Charging Time
    Maximum Distance Per Charge
    Single Cell Capacity
    Battery Weight
    Charge and Discharge
    Battery Protection System
    Battery Cover Material
  • 18650 Lithium Battery
    2000 Times (80%DOD)
    13S/17A Compatible Interface
    Flame Retardant ABS
  • Power System

  • Motor Type
    Motor Controller
    Motor Rated Power
    Rated Torque and Rotate Speed of Motor
    Maximum Current of Controller
    100 Kilometer Electricity Consumption
  • BLDC High-Tension Magneto
    FOC Vector Controller
  • Electric Motor

  • Rated Voltage
  • 48V
  • Controller

  • Low-Voltage Protection
    Over-Current Protection
  • 42V
  • Light and Electric

  • Headlight
    Daytime Running Light (DRL)
    Turn Light
    USB Charge Interface
    GPS Positioning System
    Intelligent Dashboard
  • LED Headlight
    LED Light
    LED Turn Light
    Position and Lock Vehicle with binding APP
    LED Display
  • Customization

  • Color Palette
    Battery Extension
    Accessory Upgrade Marketing
    Peripheral Products Marketing
  • Customize Color Based on User Requirements
    Group 1