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Into the new energy travel area: Monroe's two electric vehicles unveiled CES

2018/05/29 09:37
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In the process of use, the user is also very concerned about the charging time. In general, a new car is charged for 6-8 hours, and it takes 10-15 hours to recharge when the electricity is exhausted.
TechWeb report (report) 2018 New Year's new year's CES ushered in a large number of new energy travel equipment in China, and in this dazzling new product and new technology, the new energy travel equipment at the same time is not Monroe's two wheel motor vehicles, and the "brilliant" peer can be called the CES.
In January 9th, as one of the three largest consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, CES was carried out, smart cities, located in the west gate of the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center, was saved. In the bustling crowd, the reporter saw Yan's Monroe car, while seeing a lot of foreign media who listened and tried to ride the test.



Speaking of its manufacturing plant Chongqing construction, it is one of the most excellent electric, motorcycle and automobile air conditioning manufacturers in China. At the end of 2017, Monroe and Chongqing construction had reached a deep cooperation in terms of production and manufacture.
Monroe's product adheres to the respect of traditional mechanical style, insisting on the demanding of original art concept, integrating the era aesthetics and advanced technology, redefining the electric vehicle and leading the attitude of riding the future, and has developed from the handmade first generation machine vehicle M50 to the new generation of new energy electric vehicle Munro2.0. The exhibition is Munro2.0, black, white, green, silver, red and so on 5 colors.
According to the staff on the spot, Monroe is still a Karen team cooperation brand, for The Winning Team sponsorship of the limited amount "Safety Car", and witnessed the wonderful moment of the The Winning Team win.
From the vehicle's style, it belongs to the "Cafe Racer" series of retro models. The whole body adopts imported raw materials and high temperature dust-free baking process, so that the wear-resistant and bright effect can be achieved. The real leather cushion with the bobber style spring single seat used in retro cars is the finishing touch of the whole car.



From the engineering structure of the whole vehicle, Munro2.0 is suitable for the riding posture of most people through the parameters such as the wheelbase, the seat height, the front angle, the drag distance and so on, with the selection of high, middle and low.
From the stability of the vehicle, not only is the handsome Gothic front fork (four connecting rod structure), but also the intermediate shock avoidance, which can improve the stability of the vehicle and the accuracy of the bend. The full aluminum cradle frame makes the vehicle lighter, more stable and easier to control. And imitate the principle of the fuel vehicle, and regard the battery compartment as the engine and hold it tightly.
The battery compartment combines the position and shape of the imitation "V type double cylinder engine". As the main body of battery protection, the "chrome plating" technology with high gloss mirror effect is adopted as a whole. Intelligent interaction, the body with its own bright LED instrument, simple and lightweight modeling, so that the data display at a glance, can display speed, electricity, Bluetooth, turning lights, far and near light lights and many other functions.
In the aspect of the handlebar controller, a simplified and integral structure is adopted, which integrates the coordination degree of the whole vehicle and adopts the chrome plating process similar to the battery store in appearance. When it comes to car lights, it's the biggest highlight of Munro2.0. The LED lights are used for all vehicle lights. The daylight lamps and long and low light lamps are used in the headlights respectively.


The rear taillight is integrated and integrated into the rear of the car seat. The small taillights include running lights, highlighting brake lights and left and right steering lights. Basically covers a variety of lighting functions of a fuel vehicle.
For electric cars, battery life is the most important issue for users. According to the use and the quality of the battery, the life span of the battery is between one and a half years and a half, and the battery life of Monroe is 3-5 years.



In the process of use, the user is also very concerned about the charging time. In general, a new car is charged for 6-8 hours, and it takes 10-15 hours to recharge when the electricity is exhausted. Monroe's car can be full of 4.5-5 hours.
Generally speaking, the domestic market electric bicycle battery weight of more than 10 jin, an adult one hand to carry a group is more difficult, and Munro2.0 only 2.65 kilograms, compared with the traditional lithium battery, Monroe battery design is more compact, beautiful, portable, easy to disassemble. At the same time, the USB interface designed on the battery makes it also have the function of charging treasure, which can be said to be an ingenious innovation.
As Mr. Meng Jia said, Monroe has developed from the original handmade handmade retro locomotive to today, and has entered into the field of new energy intelligent travel. In the user experience, the Internet spirit will be more consistent with the user experience. The user needs direct production research, not just the beauty, more new technology novice sections will be applied to the product to let the user. It has a safer, more comfortable and more convenient travel experience.