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Electrical Engineer (8-15k)

Job description:
1. Cooperate with structural engineers to complete electrical system design, electrical drawing design, drawing up electrical BOM;
2, familiar with DC motor, controller, lithium battery and other lines and principles, can independently complete wiring work;
3. Take part in the R & D of new product prototypes, and put forward rationalization proposals.
4. Independently complete the electrical system assembly and commissioning of the electric vehicle, as well as the technical service and product acceptance.

Requirements for office:

1. Education background: mechatronics and automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, electronic information engineering and other related majors.
2, understand the circuit, electrical components performance design and manufacturing; skilled operation of related work software;
3. Familiarity with electric vehicle or electric motorcycle motor, lithium battery pack, BMS and controller is preferred.
4, with good team spirit and strong coordination, good communication, good independence, strong logical thinking, strong learning ability, strong hands-on ability, hard work and hard work.
Working place:
No. 46, Cui chug grasses, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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High paid sales director

Operating duty
1. responsible for the development and maintenance of the traditional channels, assisting the decision-making level to formulate the company's annual development strategy, marketing strategy and sales objectives, and the management of the sales department and the area under its jurisdiction.
2. to achieve annual decision and strategy of the company, guarantee the completion of the company's overall sales performance, and lay a solid foundation for the achievement of the medium and long-term goals of the company.
3. establish and manage the sales team, standardize the sales process, organize regular sales meetings, strengthen the process supervision, improve the risk control ability, guide the sales team work in time, help to complete the sales target, and be responsible for the company's product publicity, the expansion of the market, and the opening channels.
6. responsible for developing and maintaining key customers, establishing and improving customer system, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing company's market share and competitiveness.
7. is responsible for submitting the annual sales report, analyzing the market potential, sales data and cost of the new and existing distribution systems or sales channels, calculating the profit and loss situation, building the team and so on, providing data support for the new market new model.
8. set up sales team, expand offline and online sales channels, and be responsible for agent management and sales.

Recruitment position